Seminar Supply Chain Challenges in Health Care

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2018-06-26T12:30:00 2018-06-26T18:00:00
Kasteel Ter Ham
De Maillé de la Tour Landrylaan 2
1820 Steenokkerzeel

Slowly but surely we are shifting to a new way of financing in health care. A profound knowledge of the processes and an exact cost and risk assessment are becoming increasingly important. Another trend is that patients no longer go to the closest hospital for treatment, but they are screening the health market to estimate where they get the best value. Patient safety, service quality and traceability are becoming increasingly important. Top priority in the health care today is avoiding medical errors and other consequences of suboptimal processes. And we aren’t just talking about hospitals: the monitoring of the patient in other centers and home care are equally relevant.

In short, challenges that can be answered from a supply chain management point of view. In this seminar PICS Belgium and VIB zoom into these challenges and present a number of specific cases (from different points of view: operating room, pharmacy and laboratory) offering an answer to these challenges.


12.30h – 13.00h Welcome with sandwiches
13.00h – 13.45h

Health care challenges: today & tomorrow by Walter Vanherle, Crossroad 

13.45h – 14.30h

Supply chain management in health care by Jan Scheffer, health care specialist VVAA Business School Utrecht & vice-president VLM

14.30h – 1500h Coffee break
15.00h – 15.45h Traceability of blood and blood derivatives in Hospitals by Rik Heirman, Aucxis and Jan Van Ooteghem, Amaron
15.45h – 16.30h Falsified medicines directive, existing SCM solutions applied in the pharmacy! by Becton Dickinson & Ethilog
16.30h – 17.15h HIPS supply chain management of all materials used in the operating room by Ben Devis, project leader HIPS project
17.15h – 18.00h Networking drink

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