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Unlock your Curiosity

We have entered the age of lifelong learning. But not everyone is ready for this. People lack motivation, are wary of change. Getting people curious again is the solution.  Curiosity puts people into action, and makes them involved and committed. Strengthening the curiosity factor is important on a personal level but also in the workplace.
Staying curious is ianka's secret and she can tell you how to unlock your curiosity. She manages to reinvent herself professionally time and again and successfully walks new paths in other sectors without losing her individuality.

In this keynote you will learn how to unlock and cherish curiosity as a driver for (self) innovation and company culture. How to move from 'Lifelong learning" towards a 'Lifelong curiosity'

Ianka Fleerackers, Communication expert, speakers coach & actrice

15u00 Koffiepauze

Procurement simplified – full digital transformation through the entire procurement spectrum + CLIENT CASE

Jaggaer & Client – speakers to be confirmed


Procesoptimalisatie binnen de (indirecte) inkoop - Een case study van Unilin

Het managen van de (indirecte) inkoop kan een grote uitdaging vormen voor bedrijven die vaak honderden, al dan niet duizenden leveranciers beheren. Aspecten zoals kostenreductie, werkdruk op werknemers, leveranciers- en contractmanagement spelen hierbij een factor.

Unilin, een wereldspeler in de vloerindustrie, vond hiervoor een oplossing en digitaliseerde haar inkoop met één geïntegreerd platform, Mercateo. Sidney van de Steene, Group Procurement Director bij Unilin, zal vanuit zijn eigen ervaring vertellen over hoe de implementatie van efficiënte, gedigitaliseerde processen een grote impact heeft op het succes van de inkoopactiviteiten, de medewerkers en de besparingen voor het bedrijf.

Sidney van de Steene, Group Procurement Director, Unilin

Serge Gouders, Country Manager, Mercateo Nederland en België


Pandemics and the impact on global supply chains: Prevention, crisis response and mitigation in case of the Coronavirus

With the outbreak of coronavirus spreading throughout the world, pandemic diseases are back on our radar more than ever before. Not only is the virus a human tragedy, it also has a massive impact to our global supply networks and economy.

Businesses run the risk of substantial financial loss with impacts due to massive top- and bottom line effects. Join this session to discover what we’ve learned so far, how to react quickly in case of a crisis, key aspects of risk mitigation and how to be better prepared in the future.

Heiko Schwarz, CRO & Founder, riskmethods

17u00 Netwerking op de beursvloer


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