Accelerator Days - Inventory & Supply Chain Planning

During our upcoming Accelerator Days we will start with a focus on the 3 pillars of the Supply Chain Triangle; Demand, Inventory and Supply Planning. Throughout this supply chain training, we will dive deeper into the alignment of those 3 planning challenges and how you enable harmony in your S&OP process by including segmentation, finance & strategic aspects. As a result, each module is a full day program consisting of in-depth knowledge, interactive discussions and fun exercises.

What to expect?

  • gain new insights & boost your S&OP maturity
  • sharpen your vision during peer-to-peer and cross-industry discussions
  • challenge yourself to look beyond your own role & responsibilities
  • gather working points to enable further alignment in your supply chain processes
  • connect to fellow supply chain professionals by sharing best practices and joining interactive discussions

Target Group
Obviously, the Accelerator Days target professionals involved in those specific planning processes of the supply chain. However, we strongly recommend the participation of anyone with responsibilities in any domain that is affected by or involved in the Supply Chain Triangle. So, are you from demand planning, customer service, procurement, sales, inventory management, human resources, manufacturing, IT and systems integrations, or other, and do you carry a responsibility in guiding the business in the right direction, we will be glad to reserve a seat for you. And while you’re at it: why don’t you bring along some colleagues and come with your own crossfunctional team?

We ask only for one prerequisite for attending the Accelerator Days: be knowledgeable about some basic concepts and terminology about the topic, so that from the very start of the day, we can deep dive into very useful content, exercises and discussions. Don’t be alarmed. We will provide the expected basic knowledge upfront, so you can familiarize with it if needed.

The 3-day program

Our Accelerator Day program consists of 3 modules. You can choose to follow a specific module or subscribe for the full program.

Deze opleiding staat gepland in 2021. De exacte data vind je binnenkort op deze pagina.