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More and more, procurement among leading companies is beginning to look starkly different from what it used to. In these companies, procurement is shifting from a primary focus on cost reduction to playing a key role in helping to differentiate the company strategically, drive revenue growth, provide greater operational agility, and enhance the enterprise’s brand and reputation.

They’re doing so by increasingly leveraging advanced technology to operate more nimbly and efficiently; to gain real-time transparency of information on demand, supply, price and global market events; and to generate deeper
and more valuable insights that can drive better, smarter and more accurate decisions. And, they’re underpinned by a liquid workforce
with agile talent who can move quickly with the business as its needs change.


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The fact is that while these leaders are setting the pace in defining what tomorrow’s procurement looks like, all procurement organizations will need to go through a similar evolution if they are to remain relevant when companies everywhere are being disrupted faster than ever and are challenged to rethink all facets of their business so they can compete and grow.

Importantly, this evolution will not be driven by benchmarks and best practices—relics of yesterday that can’t match the speed and scale of change needed today. Instead, it will be fostered by digital technologies that enable procurement to create unique, powerful and truly agile operating models that are tailored to what the business needs to stay competitive and can adapt to ongoing changes in business priorities.


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