WEBINAR: Robotic Process Automation in Supply Chain & Logistics

Datum en tijdstip:
2021-06-11T12:00:00 2021-06-11T13:00:00


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Imagine that a technology would exist that allows you to create a digital workforce of software robots who are able to perform repetitive processes automatically. Think about typical administrative processes, such as master data management, order entry, invoice processing, etc

Sounds promising, right?


Well, the good news is that this technology actually exists! It’s called Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and RPA is currently the fastest growing enterprise tech in the world. RPA is being adopted by large companies as well as small and midsized enterprises.


The power of RPA lies in its simplicity, its attractive Return on Investment and its wide applicability. RPA can be applied in various functions and almost each type of organization can benefit from this technology. Specifically in logistics and supply chain management, RPA has many use cases that can deliver substantial benefits.


This free webinar by Supply Chain Masters and robonext will provide you an introduction to RPA. Based on live demo’s and practical use cases of RPA in logistics and supply chain management, you will learn what RPA is about and how it can be applied successfully