VIB@Breakfast eAuctions - Gent

Datum en tijdstip:
2017-10-03T08:30:00 2017-10-03T11:00:00
Zebrastraat 32
9000 Gent

Do you want to achieve larger savings and spend less time sourcing?
eAuctions are the answer!

To successfully conduct price negotiations with suppliers, you need to ensure that you are making the right comparisons, manage simultaneous discussions, and provide all suppliers with the same information. eAuctions are an excellent tool for managing the most complex and challenging negotiations in a dynamic, real-time manner.

Join Rolf Nuyts of Scanmarket at this breakfast session. You will gain extensive knowledge of the decisive factors for achieving success with eAuctions and delivering great results for your organization. The session will include a thorough introduction to the concept of eAuctions, purpose and benefits as well as the latest eAuction trends based on eAuction events conducted by Scanmarket clients.

With Scanmarket eAuctions you get:

  • Multiple auction types
  • Numerous, configurable bidding rules to match the event to the situation
  • Flexible services to support execution, design, strategy and volume
  • Instant Quick Call support available to buyers, stakeholders and suppliers
  • 21 languages
  • Intuitive user interface that requires no formal training