Jong VIB: IoT in de logistiek – Bezoek bij Melexis

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2019-02-14T17:30:00 2019-02-14T21:00:00
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Connected Logistics & Distribution: a proposed deep-dive

Enabled by digital technologies, supply chains are undergoing a rapid shift from linear and sequential activities to interconnected, open and dynamic systems of operations: digital supply networks. The Internet of Things is currently playing a major role in shaping this digital shift. At the core of digital networks operations, logistics and distribution (L&D) activities are far from immune to such digital disruption. Facing rising flexibility, agility and transparency needs, supply chain leaders are making digitally-infused logistics and distribution and integral part of their strategy.

What is driving the need for connected L&D ? How is the Internet of Things shaping the future of L&D ? From end-to-end visibility to last mile drone deliveries, what is the connected L&D art of the possible ?  During this 45min session, Claire Bassil (IoT Consultant at Deloitte) will suggest answers to these questions and share her experience in the field.


17u30 – Reception

18u00 – Introduction by Melexis

19u00 – Connected Logistics & Distribution: a proposed deep-dive

19u45 – Reception

21u00 – End