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Wase Werkplaats
Kapelanielaan 20
9140 Temse
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VIB and PICS Belgium invite you to visit the W-pharma plant of Wase Werkplaats, a company active in the social economy.

W-pharma realised their main goal to create jobs for people with disabilities within a high-quality environment with complex processes.

The challenges were multiple:

  • Realizing 5,000 square meters of cleanrooms for primary and secondary packaging activities, including serialization for the industry and unit dosed packaging for hospitals,
  • Redesigning all processes with multiple quality checkpoints;
  • Assuring data integrity within the supply chain with multiple partners from industry to pharmacists;
  • Digitizing the complete process, assuring a full track and trace, by a paperless working method;
  • Realizing the highest GMP standards.

For the realization of this project, W-pharma and consulting partner MURIS won the Prize of the audience on the Supply Chain Award 2019.You will have the opportunity to have a unique look behind the scenes of a strictly regulated white factory and we will give you insight in the challenges we encountered to realize our goals.


15.00u - 15.15u Registration
15.15u - 15.20u Welcome
15.20u - 16.50u Guided tour
16.50u - 17.15u General presentation of W-pharma
17.15u - 18.00u Networking drink