WEBINAR: Create Business Value leveraging Procurement Analytics - in collaboration with Accenture

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2020-10-08T16:00:00 2020-10-08T16:45:00


This is a free webinar

What is the typical journey to create Business Value leveraging Procurement Analytics ? How to find the Procurement Analytics Treasure Map ?

During this webcast, we will share valuable insights on the Value of Procurement Analytics with focus on real operational cases like:

  • Have trends in the market led to significant changes to cost structures ?
  • Are there any patterns in our transactions that indicate that there is Risk of Fraud ?
  • Can we find hidden price, terms, clause opportunities in contracts ?

This presentation will help you to understand how to identify, generate, enable and sustain value from underutilized data sources within Procurement.

At the end of the webinar you’ll be able to vote or propose the content of next sessions.